About Samtanke

We are an agile company that is responsive to our customers' wishes and will. We work quickly and have easy to change direction when necessary in order to satisfy our customers' business needs. 

Samtanke was founded in 2011 by Martin Pettersson and in August 2012 Henrik Bäck and Mikael Mogren became part-owners

We have our own philosophy that we think is so important that we have chosen to call us after it. We call it Samtanke and it's a combination of the Swedish words for "same" and "thought". To achieve Samtanke we need to speak the same level of language. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and we know many technical terms, but we we always adapt to our customers technical knowlege - we always talk so you can understand us. 

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email

Exchange: +46 54 18 80 88
Email: info..at..samtanke,,se


For support please send us an email at support..at..samtanke,,se or use our support portal to register your case. 

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To use our support portal you need a username and password. Please contact us if you don't have one. If you have lost your password, you can order a new one here.

Visit us 

We are located in Karlstad city near both the train and bus station.

Hadar Grudes Gata 1
SE-652 26 Karlstad

Welcome to Samtanke